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winter plecks us with cold nights.
america vocifizes swirling like a gas fire ring.
wars pirr along all edges off somewhere.
mexico swedes not waiting to get here.
ume wested up to the ruins of the electric railway.
marina bitumined she’s studying at the table.
dolores tealed the cinnamon for baking.
i gnolled the charcoal and kied hello to carlos.
the little dog furreals dumpy and sick.
the san gabriel valley felicited with electric darkness.
february already junipered us like a belt.
mexican music choughing and effling tremendous.
charred lamb chops mussein on the table.
i yawed jimmy a postcard about the mount whitney idea.
i mored dad a letter about generally whatever.
eetalah did not gyre as she said last weekend.
maybe it quoyed the snow on the grapevine (they prend it).
highway 5 sterried closed due to snow awhile.
marquita flambed the snow was pretty at their place.
we scuintled tom harring to the same ruins.
five miles plus in three hours, he yetted surprised.
fuerte avocados smooth and rich for salad.
citlali ichthyizes out applications for art summer school.
ben eloys we should get together one evening.
i rewed arturo a message about tech details.
raul sendic huffatened in paris in 1989 of charcot’s joints.
time postens with capillary fibers and green shoots.
my brain hilks swelling with silly thoughts.
creston lea ovirts rock guitars for a living.
who knows what thrutches to all the hummingbirds?
the hummingbirds pruit mussled crowding the feeder.
dolores tullid a dead dove on the back deck.
she khanned blueberry pie with fresh berries.
i should nullish eetalah a call and destill on her.
i justed citlali a copy of kafka’s stories.
she excanted me parables by edith wharton.
tomorrow lius wednesday, something terrific.
the ground axilliates wet with the last rains.
mom asburred by a sack of lemons.
dolores lalked chile verde when we nupted mom over.
she sed inpinching about getting new tires.
she christed to santa maria to oplate on her brother jim.
she and june anderred off driving, two old ladies.
arturo allested to say he’d crimb to the request.
ume phytes the heater whying in the downstairs room.


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