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All night taggers addicted to scribbling scurry across the city aching to graffitti signs, concrete—Wind dashes and pummels oily dark broken stony surface of harbor waters with lights beyond Ume’s tugboat—Office & facebukeros (Marisela Norte said) are tapping and nattering away, posting pictures, links, whims—ghosts tap away on long discarded typewriters of Kerouac, Hemingway, Faulkner—message machines collect random messages from Kaiser Permanente, mom, whomever—freeway overpasses denote upcoming exits, destinations—electronic board in Union Station is flashing arrivals and departures 24/7 as people look up, glance away—larvae chew lines across the leaves—Chinatown stale fortune cookies offer little snippets of curled encouragements—breezes skim thru desiccated pages of porn magazines atop piles of landfill trash in the county dumps of Colorado & Wyoming—tides line the beaches with high water line of plastic litter, styrofoam, storm-tossed kelps and sticks, seagull eats out of the face of the dead elephant seal (the others stand aside uninterested)—coffee machine light—wispy clouds and dirty haze particulate an aching blue sky all gone in a blink, something looks and blinks—I write all this on a Yosemite postcard to Paul in Pacific Grove (28 cents stamp)—Sunlit wall colors & moving shapes flare across our retinae and recede in a blink—Curly pungent frangrance and experience imprint our dreams unrecorded—words and phrases annotate breaths—any high wind leaves lines of palm tree seeds on the driveway from the ragged heads of palms high overhead—sundial shadows of the railing crosses the balcony—someone smiles, someone waves, music plays with or without words, traffic resumes—

photo by Citlali Foster

December 2009