a beautiful afternoon, just fell down on the floor getting out of bed—I told everybody, “don’t put the right side rail UP,[“] (bathroom door next to the head of my bed, But someone did—Hellova time getting around to the foot and BAM!—down. But now free: got 4 letters from you today. So want to write some letters: need to!—today. Yes. Catching my breath from try[ing] to get out of bed! — Such a beautiful day! meals ok but so damn important! and that and other reasons WANT TO GO home! Will ask tomorrow or this afternoon. Still reading [“]Landscape Artist” not the title But about HIM! can’t think of his name BUT A Real good reading. Also hungry. Yes. — I’ll never get enough to eat. What a life at 85! nobody could guess.


No rain. Hope you make it here soon. Sound like a possible visit in a week or so. Paul no knows he should drive. He’s gonna struggle just to exist til he dies. I hate to think of that been thinking of Jim, Mom and Dad and the others now dead!
The weather has been so beautiful. I go out to bake Myself in it every day. Yes. I have a very unlucky love life; unlucky for the OLD LADIES naturally and one young one, but, you know, favorable or tiring “you’ve gotta live”

when I want to “clear my mind” I “write to Sesshu” R. F.

Love Ol’ Dad