dolores and i hiked 4.7 miles to inspiration point on a smoggy warm hazy day (i was overdressed, i thought it was going to cloud over and the wind blow) up the castle canyon trail prettified by wildflowers on all sides, violet lupines, composites like baby’s breath, ceanothus bushes thickly presenting clusters of tiny purply blossoms, crimson indian paintbrush, we hiked in the fragrant shade of the bay laurel trees, sometimes a spring trickling out over the granite rocks, lots of shade on the way which was good because i was sorely out of breath, about 2500 to 3000 feet elevation gain up through pines and fir except the views were draped in haze and smog blotting out details, blah, the burned slopes from last summer’s big fire eroded and still and silent, dead blackened manzanita kind of elegant against the chalky, ashy eroding slopes, mount lowe and mount wilson one ridge away a few miles above, a bunch of joyous koreans eating lunch at the picnic tables under the inspiration point shelter where we ate our sandwiches too, drank a lot of water, 2 tangerines then headed back down past humming buzzing beehive, a hunting redtailed hawk floating by us ascending an updraft, ordinal feathers distinguished (as i noted in my blurb for lisa’s book), and now i can feel the trail in my knees.