Ceramic sculpture by Citlali Foster, Father's Day gift 2010

I dreamed that I went to the bureaucrats at LAUSD (as in fact I have) to request a leave of absence, and they summoned me to fetch my paperwork, my application—with their decision—even though I figured as previously (in 2003, though someone pulled strings for me and got the decision reversed) they were going to deny the application (as indeed, in life, the office of personnel specialist one Ezequiel Gonzalez already has without bothering to notify me, and when I found out, he refuses to return any of my phone calls), and as I rose from the desk with my application paper marked leave of absence denied in the dream, I felt there was something familiar about the expressionless toneless bureaucrat who slid the paper across the desk to me, and as I left I looked back at him, it was Mikhail Gorbachov