Big world with the heart of summer
swaying horizon after horizon on a hope string
with flies
I don’t know what Paul’s doing
hair strings
trees of hair in a wine breeze
shoe after shoe
lace knotted on lace
what doors everyone walks through now to now
Spanish broom blooming wildly all along the roads
Ghana beat the U.S. 2 to 1 in World Cup soccer
full moon in each hair string

Full moon in the string hair
Spanish broom blooming yellow on the roads
horizon swinging on horizon
shoe after shoe
ocean snail with knife cut noodles and tiny meats
swung wild
fishbowl moon and streets in the sky
cracked black
paint in the string hair
hair string smile
folding magazine
smily hair of America
dirt horse in the surf
plastic ware in the gleamy water
cell call in the hair breeze
knotted lace on lace