Reies shows where to cut the jugular on both sides of the neck, under the ear
Each Delaware or Cochin rooster kicks and jerks, drips headless
blood into plastic bucket, with the heads
“They’re so trusting, domesticated. Just like American voters, they get the knife.”
We work on two tables covered by plastic, scalding 160, 170 degree water and plucking
Scorch pinfeathers off with a propane torch
Snap off feet (Reies only takes 4 or so, no one wants any)
Slice or snip around the vent (anus) and preserve the guts intact, insert hand into the body cavity and detach organs, remove heart, clean gizzard interior of pebbles and feed
Throw testes in trash with feathers
Livers in another bowl for Olga
The birds seem like strong elements stinking like the dusty hillside where coyotes descend the other side of the fence line
Their blood sprays my wrist and coagulates in my hands
Half a century I’ve eaten chicken and only today slaughtered these 9