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E for oaken back streets, .44 & thirty-ought-six for fennel & fenugreek, sideways for frontwise
2 x 2 for freezing stars, Dodge Rambler for golden amber, hot for cold
r for RR & sighing, prayer for poem & pissing, g for 365, 24, 7

we punch all the keys and buttons to send out big messages to you about green posole
we punch all the numbers and letters to send out flashy ideas about your returning
we tap letters out repeatedly red and green picante notions and ideals wafting for you

UV for Brylcreem Coppertone billboards, 101 for the 5 & 46, chimes for time & door light
name for identity & verdant, plane for plain & yes, 0 for nothing, no one, spacer
old for new, nought, nacht, L.A. for cities & West, mmmm? for soreness & striation

we punch out shadows with flashes and lightswitch to illuminate one or more locales
we unfurl signals and deliberations to radiate meanings and relations between us
we knock out the dust and old shapes and slog through to cogmunicate such “dialogue”

L for line forms to the left, s for salient silly strawberry, 2020 for year of mountain laurel & Calif. gull
water for mountain ash, f for folding chair & association, N for oodles, crock, rackets
H for Go Down Old Hannah, 86 proof for your old hand, 21 for Sorry Minors Not Allowed

we did do, go & arrive, thunk & dream, yeah I am one of the crowd with you there—
we seem and are real, take it in hand to get it/gone (I thought I should say so)—
go figure, labor hope on your behalf, it’s enumerated and ephemeral, for you & yours

T for Patti Smith, tony sensations, spinning, 10 – 12 for standard font, frequency, sequence, chort for short
earring for thing & thought, 5 for five, form, fist, formaggio, hue for cry, tint, Vietnam
cu for nice, nice ichthyosaur, nice ichthyosaur, I for eye-tooth, miles, me, x for camera, vanishing point, perspective, luminous

we apply Victor Jara, pepperoni/pepperoncini, Maggie for Magdalena & murine, ARISING ON ALL FRONTS
we take on large and small facts and figures staggering toward us through collapsing days
we associate or conjugate nouns and numerals to turn into verbs in order to Google and deliver

p for ________________, wow, __________ oh, 33 1/3 for summers, quiet for noise, wild, white
100% for pure, filth, angiosperm, goddamn for now, 10 for 10 years of Afghanistan war
once for forever, Forks, WA, $6 for parking, motorcycle, taxi, 86’d for WAR

bring it on, I’m with you on that—beyond phenomena or circumstance, mash or tremor
go head on, stand up for yourself or you’ll go down, surely everyone sees that—I get your meaning
if you feel the heavy-handed heavy hand of phenomena and circumstance hurrying us all along the line

v for victory, vaginal, vague, q for corrugation, cauliflower, kites, 99 cents for shoestrings, string beans, killings



In 2010 on one hand I did not bike or kayak much, on the other hand I rolled between cities like a steel pinball.

In 2010 I realized that Biology wasn’t going to solve all our problems, but on the other hand, it seems to be our best bet.

On one hand in 2010 Saturn transited through my twelfth house, but on the other hand, it’s still crossing my ascendant.

On one hand in 2010 I spent too much time dealing with rude, insensitive, disrespectful people but on the other hand I’m hoping the plants will somehow evolve and create some kind of airborn pollen which attacks those with no conscience or manners.

On one hand in 2010 I went after something completely unattainable, but on the other hand, I guess it was worth the time & energy spent.

In 2011 on one hand I will take lots of literature courses, but on the other hand, I might drop the literature thing altogether and vigorously pursue medicine.

In 2011on one hand I will take fewer risks, but on the other hand, I might not remember to do that.

In 2011 on one hand I will try to find a job where I won’t be smeared by boogers but on the other hand I might decide to put all my energy into some extracurricular activities which I have been ignoring—I’ve been trying to avoid people.

In 2011 on one hand I will focus only on school and getting an internship, but on the other hand I might unintentionally slip back into chasing what I was in 2010.

In 2011 on one hand wet black roads might snake through the great stone mountains of the soul but on the other hand we might dive under an ocean of stars into roaring black waves.

we enjoyed the rain spinning like umbrella sticks in the wet streets
we checked out frosted crests of san gabriel mountains drenched with snow
we feasted jalapeno chicken and chile verde tamales across warm houses

we punch all the keys and buttons to send out big messages to you about green posole
we punch all the numbers and letters to send out flashy ideas about your returning
we tap out repeatedly red and green picante notions and ideals wafting for you

7 for germs & music, X for female regeneration, i for 24 & somali herbs
10 for 10th year of afghanistan war, y for yellowish & opalescent, 8 for jacks
L for signs & mama chopsticks, mama for mom & granite, T for wonder & pulp

so mellow, eh?
all the best to you and yours in 2011, Year of Rushing Noise & the Coyote



Salt, where are you now parrots? Where are you killers of the Revolution, frozen lakes, where did the mountains go? Musical interlude in the blood, delivering pulse, where are you in the rain? Electric bones of fish, sticking in my teeth.


sei shonagon notes the finery of clothes. terrance hayes flips an orangeish cover. jerome rothenberg racks ’em up. viktor shklovsky charts civil war. gronk fishes a giant claw. the rain graffitis the streets.

that wasn’t me jumping out the window naked, that was global warming
fat white envelope spilt biological whiteness wasn’t for one of us, it said afghanistan

trying to put your teeth back one by one maybe should wait, while the oil rig explodes and sinks
round up all the smartest dead guys and ask them what they think now, but first answer the cell phone
when automobiles and water heaters plummet to earth from the trash vortex in the sky, run for exercise

i had an idea that sound was your face erupting, meaning the ocean turned to certain death
many children don’t like sitting around like unmanned killer drones in schools, so bust the public unions
even the stubbly ends of dry grass exude fine transparent filaments like private chicken skin, so
sometimes carbon monoxide particles can be applied like lotion

sometimes on artesia blvd or on imperial highway along the gum line
mmmmmmm, dead animal is sleeping (dreams of running)

parking lot full of gray sky on highway 152, watsonville at the colima real II
from the south-facing window of the remodeled pink house the woman looks out,
washing dishes behind the long counter at the colima real II,
families renovate of a sunday morning in sweatpants and a spiffy chaparrito
with a handsome tall woman dressed for church at the colima real II,
anybody’s tattoos of youth turned to cardboard flaps get jukeboxed by cebollitas
at the colima real II, fresh tortillas and menudo shining like eyes, chico or regular
as the baby learns to yell “yeah!” loud as he can again at the colima real II,

December 2010