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Shipping Manifesto: The Zeppelin Attack Dirigible Sessions now on-line at Joyland Magazine

By Sesshu Foster and Arturo Romo-Santillano


Should we say our names out loud? For the record?

Just transcribe it, we’ll sort out who was who later.

Or we won’t.

About Joyland

Selected by the CBC as part of the Top 100 of 2008, Joyland has been called “the go-to spot for readers seeking the best voices in short fiction.”

In an article on the state of literary magazines, Quill and Quire proclaimed, “A savvy, sleek publication, devoted entirely to new short fiction. Joyland boasts editors in several major North American cities, and has published marquee names such as Jonathan Lethem and Lydia Millet … The future of literary magazines is already here.”

Meanwhile, Montreal’s Hour writes, “Joyland is an innovative, online publication devoted to new fiction,” and Time Out Chicago has called Joyland “a lovely literary site that has a preoccupation with location… We certainly like the idea of towns self-identifying by virtue of their hometown authors. And so far, the work speaks for itself.”

Joyland is dedicated to finding a new way to publish short fiction. We’ve chosen several editors to select and post stories by authors in a given locale. We think this is both simple and full of possibilities for authors and fans of short stories to discover work they normally wouldn’t.

Joyland was created by Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis, and developed by Bill Kennedy of Stop 14 Media.


We practiced for our participation in the Cinco de Mayo parade sponsored by Coors. The side of our float, a perfect scale model of the ELADATL ship Agnes Smedley, presented our public service message: RIDE FUEL EFFICIENT LIGHTER THAN AIR TRANSPORT! NO WAR FOR OIL IN 1987! IN 1990! IN 1991! IN 2003! IN 2006-7! IN 2011! NO WAR FOR OIL! IN 2015-2016! In 2025!

Tania and Jose went to look at the parade route and had birria at Chalio's. They were like, "I want huesos." Do you want it wet or dry? "I want it wet!"

Abel, Dixon and Evelina took a group up over City Terrace where they looked down on Sybil Brand Women's Jail on the way to survey the new public art installation sight alongside the 710 freeway. "Is that Cal State L.A. down there?" Rebel asked. Dixon and Evelina were like, "No."

The club took off from Alhambra airport and held a map orientation class at 4,000 feet, taught by Tania, Rebel and Dixon. "Don't drop the chihuahua this time," Dixon told Rebel, who was showing the dog everything.

A dozen or so club members met at the Zep Diner as usual for Sunday morning debriefings on recent overflights of the San Gabriel Valley. "I feel like I just got off work," Mona said, with the burnt rubber smell of the Goodyear plant in the breeze.

Members were glad to report that the East L.A. Dirigible Transport Lines is further developing lighter than air infrastructure in corridors throughout the metropolitan, Northeastern Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley region.

Here for example are arrivals at the new Soto Street/ Huntington Drive ELADATL station, where transfers can be made to Glendale, Pomona, and Wilmington lines.

Here's another shot of the new station. Swirling and Jose crossed the street to view new street art and caught ELADATL air traffic on video:

According to company spokesperson Tina Lerma, ELADATL plans to open a docking terminal atop County USC General Hospital, for easier access to medical care for the general public.

Lucky club members were met outside ELADATL company headquarters in El Sereno by senior vice-president of public relations and inner-city projects, Tina Lerma. She led our group on a very informative tour of new ELADATL facilities.

We were sworn to secrecey about new technology used in production of state of the art aircraft, the latest in cutting edge solar powered and titanium self-charging frame structures. But here is a picture anyway.

Under the scientific leadership of Mosaic Raskolnikov, ELADATL has hired teams of researchers from as far away as Stockton, Yuma, Tecate and San Diego. This diverse team (some of whom are refugees from war torn countries long since bombed and abandoned by the USA) are shown here developing the prototype for the Kabocha Hydrogen Balls, which will provide essential lift (and power) to new dirigibles.

Here is another shot of the team that developed the Kabocha Hydrogen Ball concept for production. Mosaic Raskolnikov is painstakingly "tuning" the Kabocha ball by twisting its nipple and calibrating or harmonizing the magnetic pencil.

After touring ELADATL production facilities in El Sereno, Tania and Jose assured everyone that in the light-than-air future, with the advent of this new technology in clean and green, quiet and affordable transportation, internal combustion engines will become as quaint and outdated as road apple jalopies.

Club members were given the opportunity to sit inside the titanium self-charging frame to "test drive" a new dirigible even before it left the ground!

You can imagine, Tania and other club members were saying to themselves, "Everyday scenes like this are soon going to seem like the visions of yesterday!"

Before leaving ELADATL headquarters, club members and ELADATL staff shared refreshments outside on the traffic median.

Tania said, "I observed a wild ocelated turkey as I was leaving."

Dixon was so impressed with ELADATL offices at company headquarters, that he found it hard to leave. We had to yell at him we were leaving. But we'll be back!

Meet with us monthly to go on more of our exciting excursions!

Looking for my shoes, I’m walking.

Walking upstairs.

All I had all morning was a handful of Calif. almonds, banana from Peru.

200 or so people, mostly young Chinese women, cut, stitched, glued, and shipped my shoes to America. Where are they?

I need coffee.

Fill coffeemaker for several cups, usually drink a couple.

“Organic, fair trade,” my black coffee originated in the Ethiopian highlands, passed through how many hands, how many hungry eyes, so I can knock the old grinds out in the trash?

And sit with my cup?

Substantial handsome ceramic mug that Umeko brought off a tugboat in Alaska.

In that black coffee, trucks and roads, warehouse and men, buyers and offices, ships and oceans.

But which shirt today?

Cloudy, sprinkling—socks, T-shirts tumbling in the dryer.
Natural gas, heat from where exactly?
Where did that fire start, in what electric wire where?
San Onofre nuclear power plant?

The cotton in the socks and T-shirt, from what hot countries?


(Imprinted with the block print by Artemio Rodriguez, who since returned to Michoacan.)

This sweater made in China, too.

T-shirt assembled in Haiti, down by the water in Port-au-Prince?

We’ll never know how many touch our lives, or whom we owe.

Sadly, we know that she pleaded for her life.
Sadly, we know that Brisenia Flores pleaded, “please don’t kill me,” before she was shot in the face.
Sadly, the rain this evening blows through the leaves and spines of the _______________________________________________________.
The flock of parrots sound just as raucous and just as happy in the rain.
The streetlights of Alhambra float up in milky electric mist.
Sadly, I was driving through the afternoon of the rainy city.
My daughter called in the morning, saying it was sunny and in the low forties now for days in SE Alaska.
They fixed the pipes from the tank that collects rain water; they had water in the house again.
Sadly, one bedraggled crow on Main Street under a ficus.
Sadly, it is 6 PM in the evening.
Sadly, it is ________________________________________________ .
Sadly, I might weep, go weep again.
Sadly, my daughters will never meet or know her.
Sadly, we will never meet or know ___________________________ .
Sadly, I will never look up and see _________________________ .
In a wonderful, perfect rain.
The avant garde poets, those academic experimentalist poets, most of them white, would rather you not use the word here motherfucker.

Or if so, you have to spell it muthafuakkbbrR.

They would much rather see this ______________________________ .
And on the stereo, playing ___________________________________ .
Sadly, this use of repetition shall not be construed as poetic by those well-fed motherfuckers.
Sadly, the ___________________________ absorbs the evening in the sound of falling rain.
Wonderful, a perfect rain on Los Angeles.

poster by Favianna Rodriguez,

I got blue rain all on white Los Angeles

I got screwdrivers next to phonecalls from Amnesty International

I got white rain underneath the blue rumbling

I got fixed gazes crossing side glances

I got a vase of scarlet fresia in the tsunami of light

I got a Los Angeles of time in a bit of wet thunder—

photo by Thomas Agawa


East Los Angeles Dirigible Transport Lines Complaint Form        1A

Did you enjoy your journey with East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Systems?


B_______What have those earthbound stevedores incidentally not in our employ done now?

If you answered yes to the above question, return to the rear of the queue; if you checked B, please proceed with the form as if you have never hired a lawyer.

Please check the appropriate complaint:

1. __________Overly rapid ascent.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: Stevedore mishandling of copra apparatus. Equilibrate. Check temperature on fifth subsequent day. Call appropriate ministry or labor union. Ask for Steve.

2. _________Looked out the window and hit in the face by a chihuahua.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: Please keep head and limbs inside airship at all times for safety. Your safety is something we consider a priority.

3. ________Lost luggage.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: It’s most likely at the West Covina Amtrack station, where an old dude tells passengers that they are in Claremont. Proceed to your destination and we will call you to pick up your luggage. When we call you to pick up your luggage you will have no longer than five hours, at which point the stevedores have the pick of the lot.

4. _______Lost chihuahua.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: See #2 above.

_______Conductor requested your ticket and you do not wish to pay, because you are with your “friends.”

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: Exit at next station yelling curses and trying to look defiant, yet sharp, as you walk across the parking lot trailed by “friends.”

_______Your basic questions remain unanswered.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: For $50, today only, the Alhambra Photomart booth psychic Mrs Lin (who is not Asian, by the way) is on hand to answer all questions. The basic ones. Love, money, business, dreams. Step forward into the redesignated maintenance room. “There is an ATM in the 7-11,” Mrs Lin sometimes says.

______General complaints, not just about your flight, but about everything.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: List them here _______________________.

Mail this form to ELADATL Service Complaint Division c/o Mrs. Lin Psychic Shop 1100 W Commonwealth Ave Alhambra, CA 91803

_____ Something.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: Specify _____________________________.

______Vague existential angst.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding: Purchase one year pass good on flights on all routes, $298 this week only. Call 1-800 DIRGIBL.

_______You get off at the end of the line and it is on the Croatian coast.

Explanation and suggested further proceeding. Stevedores adopted your chihuahua, nullifying the basic facts of your ticket. Be more physical, go for the throat, go for the goat, they have a lot of goats there, be all that a goat can be, eat tin, horns available at any trafika. By no means share your passport with that old lady at the Rijeka train station with hands like raven claws.

—Rick Harsch, Pres. Union of Wisconsin Stevedores, Slovenia

Menu for Dirigible flights longer than 30 minutes
served from 11:30am - 1pm Every Day

a la carte

Mexican Hot Dogs  2.00
Farmer John weenie wrapped in flour tortilla with mayonnaise

Pink Macaroni and Cheese  1.50
Elbow macaroni cooked in tomato sauce sprinkled with cheese
(available wet or dry)

Sanavagan  1.50
Eggs scrambled with cut up Farmer John brand weenies

Crinkle Cut French Fries  .50
side of cream cheese

Full Lunch
all lunch is served with miso soup and cottage cheese

Chicken sandwich 4.00
shredded chicken with diced green onions in mayonnaise on crust-free
white bread

Phillipe French Dip 4.00
roast beef sandwich on a bed of sawdust

Pico Salad 16.00
Wedge of iceburg lettuce with shredded green papaya and sliced beet-
pickled eggs. Shrimp/chile de arbol dressing


Soda .75
Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray
Jarritos Tamarindo
Eastern Hill Mineral Water

Aguas Frescas .85
available daily, please inquire for our flavor of the day

All of our coffee beverages are made with Verdugo Hills Coffee Bean
Company Shade Grown Dark Roast beans

Cafe con Che   .35
Espresso shot heavy with cinnamon, no sugar

Coffee  .25

After Lunch
(please enjoy in the observation deck)

Herbal smoking mix cigarette  .75
relaxing mix of psylocibe, tobacco and locally grown roses and squash

ELADATL kitchen crew does it for you!
March 2011