Menu for Dirigible flights longer than 30 minutes
served from 11:30am - 1pm Every Day

a la carte

Mexican Hot Dogs  2.00
Farmer John weenie wrapped in flour tortilla with mayonnaise

Pink Macaroni and Cheese  1.50
Elbow macaroni cooked in tomato sauce sprinkled with cheese
(available wet or dry)

Sanavagan  1.50
Eggs scrambled with cut up Farmer John brand weenies

Crinkle Cut French Fries  .50
side of cream cheese

Full Lunch
all lunch is served with miso soup and cottage cheese

Chicken sandwich 4.00
shredded chicken with diced green onions in mayonnaise on crust-free
white bread

Phillipe French Dip 4.00
roast beef sandwich on a bed of sawdust

Pico Salad 16.00
Wedge of iceburg lettuce with shredded green papaya and sliced beet-
pickled eggs. Shrimp/chile de arbol dressing


Soda .75
Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray
Jarritos Tamarindo
Eastern Hill Mineral Water

Aguas Frescas .85
available daily, please inquire for our flavor of the day

All of our coffee beverages are made with Verdugo Hills Coffee Bean
Company Shade Grown Dark Roast beans

Cafe con Che   .35
Espresso shot heavy with cinnamon, no sugar

Coffee  .25

After Lunch
(please enjoy in the observation deck)

Herbal smoking mix cigarette  .75
relaxing mix of psylocibe, tobacco and locally grown roses and squash

ELADATL kitchen crew does it for you!