Friday, April 29/ 7pm / Felix Kulpa Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz

Bhanu Kapil has written four full-length cross-genre works–The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers (Kelsey Street Press, 2001), Incubation: a space for monsters (Leon Works, 2006), humanimal [a project for future children] (Kelsey Street Press, 2009), and Schizophrene (forthcoming, Nightboat Books). Recent classes at Naropa have engaged architecture, somatics, biology and memory as ways to approach or navigate contemporary narrative and poetics. An on-going experimental pedagogy and reflection can be found at her blog: “Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi? [A Day in the Life of a Naropa University Writing Professor.]” Bhanu teaches across genres, with a particular focus on experimental prose writing.

Sesshu Foster does whatever, stands at odd angle to his own shadow, picks at a scab, reading the fish. "Fresh air and exercise, that's the ticket," he said, goof. Barns burnt, bodies steamed in the intersection, what does he know? Intercellular interstices, and he was like, "Whatever, infrarealist mundo of gimme coffee, [Bronx cheer, raspberry]." Or somebody was talking loud in San Jose airport, calling him bitch in a friendly way, people turned around and looked. He is the author of several unpublished notebooks, including LIVE CLEAN NOW DIRTY BASTARDS, IRONCLAD DIRIGIBLES OF THE CIVIL WAR, and I SAW IT BEFORE YOU. He lives with his family when allowed in the house.

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I think the reading is free but I don’t know they don’t say.

photograph by Margaret Randall

Felix Kulpa Gallery:
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