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Download the FREE pdf document of our new Shipping Manifesto today!




Includes endorsements from Mosaic Roskalnikov and letters from Darryl Gates, first cyber-bionic-Latino U.S. president Antonio Villaraigosa and other well-wishers.

Includes a preview of our new lunch menu available on most flights over the southland, featuring Farmer John products!

For the first time ever, we’re rolling out for your view, our completely unnecessary and unused complaint form, drafted by our union representatives stationed in Slovenia!

Includes photographic proof of Sergio holding a picture of the ELADATL ship Colima and pointing to the spot of its most likely fateful demise, showing that we have been right all along about 2009 the End of the Automotive Era!

Welcome to the new age of 2011! Year of Rushing Noise and Leaves!

Plan your next travel by dirigible!

Safe, convenient, quiet.

Globular, sensitive, clean.

Pastel colored, silver, and shining.

Reasonable, modern, fresh.

Not old, or unstable, or nightmarish.

Tranquil, Western, Pacific.

Whether you are enroute to Flagstaff or Kingman, Needles or Taft, Bakersfield or the Bay Area, go to the new El Sereno ticket station and bang on the door and yell out, “Sergio!”

Whether you are commuting to Mexico City or Seattle, San Bernardino or HP, Wilmas or City Terrace, jump aboard, don’t worry!

We’ll take you to Downey, La Habra, Long Beach, Covina, or wherever.

Knowledgeable pilots! Variable rates! The greatest views!

Look at all the little people stuck in traffic on the freeway as you zip past overhead.

Free confetti balls to throw at them.



with grateful acknowledgment to the editors at Doveglion (they win queso fresco & free tickets to a fried chicken picnic in the air high above Pasadena in our New Year’s balloon picnic):

Barbara Jane Reyes, author of Diwata and other books

Oscar Bermeo, author of To the Break of Dawn

Download the pdf document of our new Shipping Manifesto today!


As once I listed to the Doors playing “Roadhouse Blues” heading east out of Lewiston, because of okra and chisels. Might, surely, I had it with Johnny Depp reading Kerouac filing fennel in a vise doing 80 by Sacramento. What, naw, yeah, no, I’d likely want Charles Mingus’ “Haitian Fight Song” over sagebrush summer adjustable wrench, Eastern Sierras oregano. I want it it if course Lenny Bruce talkin’ “LBJ” watercress jimmy, Kingman AZ. Saw most reason, to be certain of Rolling Stones’ “Rip This Joint” stewing traffic on Valley & Eastern, Union Pacific corn and horny bolt cutters. To be sure, admit endive and shears when it’s time, “This Land is Your Land,” by Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, 3,000 feet descending Baja Calif.

June 2011