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When was the first time first saw California? Who was the number of eucalyptus nights in California? Who was the broken state of tedious visions? How could the dirty hour with the lime green pool in the largest population? Will telephone poles crows, at mouth of Sacramento River, now what? Swell thighs, stubborn month of bottle guile, moldy crusts of magazines jumpy? Did exactly nobody, high typical modern Saturdays? Hard copy or copies negotiating overly somebody, amazing the ships the desire the water? Back to stairs she will contained, so popping so luckily, or unluckily? Typewriter just broke, somebody $20, somebody had to? More about Fresno to Stockton, what Ben Ehrenreich recall dumplings in Palestinians? Could the stickers and the foxtails wearing the dresses of West Texas aiming? How was it happening the blue collared lizard, the blue shirted skink, why? Maybe soon sleep and transparent lines of sleep? Not the second California in the rearview mirror, did bad and tomorrow morning?

1. time signature

2. tool kit

3. fried turkey leg

4. rainy underbrush

5. Saturday afternoon

6. kigo: seasonal reference

7. 20th century, 21st

8. allusion, analogy

9. light shirt, without a bra

10. parking area

11. so clean

12. lunar phases

13. a bunch of friends

14. her friends

15. laundry cycles

16. sexual tension

17. —who’s that?

18. Ume blossom: early spring

19. warm, lukewarm

20. torn map

21. another June

22. book

23. generations

24. “somebody will do it”

25. buzzards circling

26. disturbed, exposed dirt

27. bladed roadside

28. empty house in the evening

29. revision process or whatever

30. “I don’t like to throw away food—”

31. sustained note

32. turning away

33. “forest fires—”

34. rhythms

35. rippling surface of the slough

36. wilted lumpy zucchini, stiff carrots

37. a letter

38. centrifugal

39. think Emily Dickinson

40. just blurt it out

41. just

42. how old are the eggs?

43. big ocean

44. not any

45. …whales, I handed the binoculars back to Jimmy

46. walking in the rain with Ben to the point to see (and smell) sea elephants

47. regular

48. (I left because he was drunk)

49. hour drive each way

50. enjoying wisteria

51. flea market

52. West coast horizontal vertigo

53. pronouns

54. western shore

55. contrapuntal

56. somebody asked

57. somebody said, then she said

58. Did I leave my car windows open?

59. I left the car window open

60. I didn’t set anything up

61. poison hemlock and milk thistle

62. hesitation

63. What’s not

64. Gymnopedies (3) for piano

65. she smiled also

66. “Thanks for checking.”

67. “No problem.”

68. did not mention how teenagers

69. favorite

70. “I was your favorite.”

71. rattlesnake grass

72. trio

73. checking, attentive

74. yearling bucks on the hillside

75. there was no message

76. later

77. coffee

78. nothing for years

79. nothing much

80. not a lot

81. very

82. that’s it

83. lights

84. indicative

85. notice

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