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Video footage shows Muhammad al-Durrah, 12 years old, as he is shot 4 times by Israeli troops. He died after the father shouted at the soldiers not to shoot and was wounded himself. Israeli Cabinet Secretary, Yitzhak Herzog, said that Palestinian security forces could have saved the boy.

Anti-child-slavery activist, member of the Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan, 12 year old Iqbal Masih was shot in the back with a 12 gauge shotgun. He was posthumously awarded the World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child.

Perhaps, finally you read a footnote that means more than the book or the story, or all books, all stories.

I thought the pile of pine needles was a dead raccoon. I thought I would use the iron that I purchased. I felt the great vertical and social faces shone with promise. I thought everyone had more soul than they could ever use, or know. I thought terrific, lasting projects must be improvised out of the materials at hand. I thought I heard someone call out across a middle distance. I thought I would read all the books on the shelves. I thought I had time for any number of things. I felt I could stand it. I thought things would occur by chance. I felt I must contrive a strategy.

June 2011