are you suffer from gas stations on coastal cities?
insert wild into ocean fires.
unable to sleep due to too many bills, God’s ravine on your mind?
float thru windows in dusk now at day’s end.
columns of billions up in smoke unaccounted for, that body you’ve been waiting at tubular?
symptoms may include erections lasting longer than 4 hours, forms of arthritis, liver damage, mild coma or death, so first experience a kind of dizziness or disorientation machinery.
as lt. william calley and capt. ernest medina said to boy, “are your teeth ugly and need whitening of genocide?”
say something to a child right for a change.
okay, who’s screaming or is superheated gas escaping from ruptured cylinders?
“dead zone” feeling hundreds of years or thousands.
University of Phoneix like you could just pay whatever & get any degree in whatever?
be a rich mad, you think like a baby soften unfolding.