Close inspection and scientific testing of our language structures meets or exceeeds the Directives of the Bureaucratic Mind and its Guidelines for Practical Necessity, thank you very much. When you afix your body to one of our metaphorical ships, you will find the highest metallic and technical verbal alloys at your service. Guaranteed.

Component notions such as Bunker Hill Memories, flushing the toilet, Blood on the Face, old toothbrush/same teeth, Vertically Stacked Sunlight, and similar tropes have been submitted to Exacerbation Rounds to insure Tight Full Loads.

Fiddlers and Jerry-riggers (Sergio, the way he is) nerded and torqued the wads and whistles of each precision Simile, Hyperbole or Taut Metonymy.

At the same time, teams from Brooklyn and Oakland massaged the strings so that they looked exactly like lines or wires. This was to ensure that if there was a choice between ramen or pho, indications would fire LED Brights, so to speak.

Sufferers of particularly egregious childhoods and strange adolescences monitor all phases of the development of appropriated language, afixed tangentially to each Figure Core, Synechdochal Bite

Each figure arrives imbued with historical mission. We have not been inured by the Russian experience, by the Nicaraguan Contingency, by the German Revolution, by the Italian Slope. Our product retains supreme buoyancy in spite of all 20th century registers.

Our teams have collaborated and supported various actual and imaginary airship projects redounding through corridors of time. Those echoes are evidence of the qualities of aluminum and titanium resonance.

Unusual, immanently effective and radically designed figures in the form of metaphorical airship imaginary unfold each evening.

Early Brazilian vegetarian synechdoches and synchysis has been combined with the most modern verbalisms and contemporary alloys which offer the dual benefits of zeugmas and spoonerisms.

We have scoured eclectic regions for appropriate language constructions to add frisson and snap to your next flight.

Superlative Synesis expert Rigo Hinojosa personally oversees the arc meld unit which tests the fusion of merisms and neologisms for every airship.

Our Truism Allusion Squad (Rinko, P-Girl and Otono seen here on a case) ferret out and subject every instrumentalized apostrophe and radio transmission to Roiling Shock.

Early stage ships are sent to "far corners" of the earth like Swollen Glands, like Engorged Organs, like Tumescent Tubers. Wild feelings attract hordes of riders instantly---sometimes simultaneously.

Our crews even repair the damaged kenning aphorisms with ellipses and cataphora. Here the vivid phraseology simply hit the wall at 60 MPH.

You will shortly find yourself on top of the world via coiled asyndeton, hopeful enumeratio and a lunch menu that includes your choice of red or green posole.

According to your visions and nightmares, we design itineraries to include furtive catachresis, high voltage antiphrasis, and high frequency innuendo, maximizing your Total (Folded) Experience.

Everything present will include toothy paradox, Los Mochis no sweat, and paralipsis of the utmost Californication, no extra charge. Simply check the terms of the check list.

Think of us, on the dark nights of the soul, in the 3 AM on Parallelism Avenue, on the Ticketless Air Conditioned Dysphemism. Mental Bill London recommends us, saying "It worked for me."

Airship Figures that balance fancy truths, Dirty Gadgets, and the transformative Tesla Appositions. From the center of the Universe out.

Mental Bill London proclaims, "Proletarians, don't fall for the bullshit from the other guys. This ain't Pep Boys on Atlantic. Rise and levitate on figures of shining silver, tourmaline and jade."

The yucca says, "When you only bloom once in a lifetime, you have to make the next one count. Blackened dry stalk under a blowing wintry sky of mist on the rocky San Gabriels. Asyndeton right there, climax accordingly, euphemisms for the structures of cyberspace. Sure."

The yucca says, “When you only bloom once in a lifetime, you have to make the next one count. Blackened dry stalk under a blowing wintry sky of mist on the rocky San Gabriels. Asyndeton right there, climax accordingly, euphemisms for the structures of cyberspace. Sure.”

The least impulses, non-adumbrated conceptualizations, exigent doubts and frontal ideals deserve our pitch perfect synesthesia and personification.

The figures of these airships waft toward substance, toward angular planes, toward your definite existences. Multiply your rolling sensations with a flight today.

The true figure of the airship exists inside you (parenthetically, as an appositive) and outside existence---a syllogism of interlaced wires.

Crews are waiting now to take your call at new ELADATL docking stations and transfer depots being erected throughout Southern Calif. In spite of the fact that the FBI and Sheriff SWAT team attacked and burnt down our El Sereno Station for no reason except denial of the assonance of the New Economy.

The Figures of Airships are growing in our facilities, as experts like Sergio feed them lubricated antitheses, filament metalepses, and parallel ironies.

At last, in the final hour [insert another phrase here], as they proceed to destroy the economy thru War, to destroy the earth thru Greed, to destroy people thru Lies, we float towards you through soundless air. We are there. ELADATL. Got it?