the ticket of the cockroaches and the ticket of the rats
the number of the crows laughing and the numerals of the hills shining
the names of Chinese elms and Chinese alleys and the names of the veins and the nicknames of arteries
the wings of notions and realizations and the legs of the mornings and the afternoons
the cloud wisps of total information and total relationships
the nobody of laundry and the nobody of dirty and clean dishes
the somebody of paper and the somebody of spit
the plains of smoke and rhythm and the planes of hair and faces
the eyeglasses of alphabets and the eyeglasses of eyeballs and the films of ants and the films of trees
the bad luck of the rivers and the bad luck of the memories
the hard luck of the night and the hard luck of the cold universe
the leftovers of the miles and the leftovers of the long stretches
the runny nose of the early deaths and the runny nose of the ruined centuries
the used napkin of the tenderness and the unused napkin of the thoughtfulness