tomato soup, chicken noodle, minestrone, vegetable beef, peas, corn, red beans, hominy, Vienna sausages, Spam, chili con carne, chili beans, sardines in olive oil, sardines in spring water, smoked oysters, pickled herring, pink salmon, chunk light tuna, sardines in mustard sauce, beef stew, black beans, tomato sauce, tomato paste, enchilada sauce, stewed tomatoes, green beans, marinara sauce, catsup, chicken


Roadside Service

Hunan’s Restaurant lunch specials “toss-fired chicken with chilli” and “cabbage with garlic” steamed rice weak tea window booth


I am looking to consolidate my nostalgia for the automobile through sexual transference of physical affection of cereal grains to vegetal moods. Aromas of past lives where engines and locomotives generated illusions of speed from rural areas through petroleum and steel industry on national interstate highway system interspersed through my childhood frothy or foamy with interlaced folklore and corresponding myths in a line from Jack London to Jack Kerouac. Beer helped. Colored lights, admired women of responsibility, gender roles like a forest of Douglas fir. Even then it was over, like cold coffee in a white ceramic cup rained on.


He was wearing the face mask of wooden feelings

She was wearing the face mask of numb insincerity

Front over the mountains

ray foster memorial pancakes:
1. several different kinds of pancake dough (buttermilk, whole wheat, blueberry, etc.)—several colors of dough
2. various jams, jellies and sauces (honey, etc.) of different colors
3. assemble these in abstract compositions “everywhichway boundless” etc.
display and then eat
hot coffee
poems by cesar vallejo, maybe translations of chuang tzu