4 young women hiking:

one steps over a log, falls in the dirt, gets up laughing

you missed it, i tripped


ha ha you missed it, i tripped

what? she’s full of shit?

no, she said she tripped


wars on the poor, war in iraq & afghanistan, devastated economy, biznesses boarded up or vacant in every downtown center, rising costs and fare, tuition and fee increases, fewer jobs, impunity for the rich who ripped off and crippled the public sector and the private sector both, the most people imprisoned of any country in the world even china, abandoned factories and skyscrapers and office buildings in detroit, etc.

hiking to the waterfall, many happy families speaking english, spanish, chinese dialects, italian or romanian or greek or something else, armenian, latinos speaking some unknown language, indians or south asians speaking dialects from the subcontinent, guatemalans speaking spanish or something else, old, young, sometimes carrying young children, elders, sometimes three generations or young couples—happily hiking to and from the waterfall.