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I was in the vicinity of white buildings, or I approached vast cloudbanks in the sky

The rocker arm dangled broken, so I walked to have a Polish sausage and a lemonade while the mechanic repaired it

Some of the people knew me, and some did not, but I was evading the glance of one in particular

The wind had ripped off part of our roof, so I waited for the roofer to arrive, so he could go up on the roof for an estimate

I had the sense that when you merge into the thicket, that space deepens all about you---that space opens to infinity

The sewage line backed up so Erik the plumber (from where? Durango?) snaked out the line down the hill

I passed through stages and rooms, keeping people I knew between me and people I did not so that I could proceed unseen

I unpacked all the outstanding boxes of books and more or less shelved them, and rearranged the office so that guests could sleep there

Somehow I could not see, I was blind except for a small periphery about my own body

I transported tools and lumber, sunk fence posts and re-attached a gate the day that dad died

I went on in search of portals of entry to the next stage, the next larger room or plaza

Finally I had time to sit and think, so I took the clipper from the drawer and cut my toenails

Sometimes I felt I was the space, and that people passed through in their indifference and their urgency

Very early, I went and got my hair cut to start the day fresh

Had time and its illnesses been transcended, passing into lives in the past?

I washed a great big pile of dishes, thinking about what should be done about his death (or the life that had passed)

Sometimes I wanted to abruptly alter the narrative that we all went on living

I walked through Home Depot trying to figure out what I needed, and got out of there with whatever it was

You could feel it like a static charge in the air before a lightning strike, and I sniffed the air for ozone

I walked to the coffeeshop and back, trying to clear my thoughts

In a basket, or in a book somewhere, or in conversation with a guest I had not yet met, were the secrets and the information

January 2012