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there's junk, mine, my daughters', a dog cage, clothes, and stuff I am cleaning off the weight bench and piling against the wall

black line of trees is equivalent to my line of sight, which may be shifted, if I can figure out how to shift it from this vantage

I put on disk three of "Bill Evans: The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961," always pleased at Scott LaFaro's bass runs (he died ten days later, at age 25, fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree on highway 20 outside Flint, NY)

the ground seems to shudder---as if I'm standing on the shoulder of a gigantic beast---as if the earth inhales a deep ragged breath, and leaves and dirt and debris blow up in a cloud about me

Paul handed off the phone to his Vietnamese roommate, Anthony, who asked me if I would edit his sister's application statement for a grad program at Santa Clara college

the visual world has a mental projection interior to the face; for example, if the column of air fills with a column of blood, the unwanted obstacle will dissolve

I wrote down the questions in my notebook; I went from one person to another till I got the answers---I didn't care about the answers, none of them were my questions

certainly it feels true, that I am a kind of radio transmitter controlling dispersed objects far-flung in the outside world, as if my thoughts will affect the distant crows, make them fly off above the telephone lines

Romo-Santillano returned from the weekend in San Francisco, and we sat down on his beige couch with his laptop to review text notes and material we had worked up for the performance that afternoon

Okay, you touched it, it's yours, it has your DNA on it now, it's part of you and will never be removed

flour, Bisquick, eggs, sausage, bacon, soy milk, orange juice---I picked up sausages at S & S Butcher Shop and bacon from the Chico Farmer's Market (it was a gray morning)

I sense that the mechanisms of things change, mutation and alteration occur as we go, so that even as we walk forward internal to our movements there are sticks, black pieces of wood which tilt back and forth with each stride, indicating the angles of momentum---repeated, as if pedagogically

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