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Insistent narrative insists in telling this story, but you're not really interested in it, you're not really into it, though it's your story "and everything"---you're thinking about something else

I went between the houses and collected a full canvas bag of tangerines---they are oranges that are mostly tangerine---George the English bull terrier watched at me once in awhile through the fence (black patch over one eye)

Desultory, sitting in the passenger seat of the American sedan, in those days it didn't matter how far you had to go because gas was so cheap, everything is cheap---looking through the dirty windshield of the past at the bleary city in the glare of afternoon

I did what I said I would do, I did more than was expected, after everyone had long since given up paying any attention---what was I still doing getting the work done, attending to all the loose ends and details no one would bother to remember

You have to go by what you thought, even if you find out later causes you anguish or doubt or horror---you could not have known what the future held, what time would remove

wrote rec letters for Joseph Shannon, Bri Bruce and Brian Merrill, curious that the permanent tenured faculty were not more forthcoming at working with these undergrads (applying to grad programs or post-grad jobs), whether this was a complete sentence someone pronounced

The conversation proceeded above and slightly to the left (like seagulls flying above and keeping pace with a boat we were on---though we were on shore) while I said nothing, smiling and thinking to myself that one of the women who was speaking understood any random little remarks I might make

The manzanita I bought her at the Calif. native plant nursery outside Moss Landing seems to be dead from lack of water, but I unspooled the hose and watered it and the plants along the driveway anyway

The habitual manipulation of metaphysical planes and objects, trades places with figures who walk in and out of the room, even if the room becomes an intersection of a street and an avenue and the light rail line where you wait in a vehicle or pass on the train

I bought a small plastic spray bottle and filled with equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water, and wrote on it, "Warning: Do Not Drink--- Isopropyl alcohol" with that absurd nausea that I sometimes get from such deliberate precautions

Pathways and stairways led to streets and corridors, and turns and eventualities led to changes and other circumstances, time passing by, surely nothing could be done about that? You found yourself at a certain place.

January 2012