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* Close your eyes, check all which apply in dreams.
___ 1. Star artichoke, broad expanse opening.
___ 2. American war, let’s go old vacation.
___ 3. Wild radio of wire tumbleweeds, bow.
___ 4. Gold fish standing up for millions of Californias.
___ 5. Matte black intellectual grinding teeth.
___ 6. Collagist typewriter man + bicyclist womanish.
___ 7. Blatant white typewriter paper tens, nines.
___ 8. Bloody windshield evening beer ducks.
___ 9. Double, $5000 credit card I lunch with Thomas.
___ 10. Sigh rock cardboard forehead portable coughing.

*Open your eyes, check all who appear in the light.
___ 1. Miraculous viable tremendous shore-like mighty excellence.
___ 2. Poultry, highlighting the choice which is about to be made.
___ 3. Treetops of candles which are going to stand for days ahead.
___ 4. Colliding with grease, windows close and doors shut or open.
___ 5. Something pointy, I should have written down this sentence.
___ 6. Mike Willard told me he rode his bike 57 miles aluminum-listening.
___ 7. Progress to Detroit which rises in the manufacture of forgetting.
___ 8. Miraculous coats or jackets that felt dense to a body moment.
___ 9. Mock-style important-stamp over-radio lick-note spoil-if green-grip.
___ 10. Chop. Glowing.

* Look closely, check all that appear in lines beyond the figures.
___ 1. Mamayev Hill and Wounded Knee and the Cone of Disappearance and poemgranates and poem peaches and poem beetles.
___ 2. Thousands of dreams turning silver into hills and sweet breath cream, mild ointment.
___ 3. Logging wine bottles, dropping some on the other side of the Cone of Disappearance.
___ 4. Nagging dreams keep turning and sleeping, while Calif. resumes foggy coastline at sunrise.
___ 5. How much was how much, 30 millions’ sexual life determined overall mountainous folds of the night.
___ 6. Shadows, cracks or scratches caused upon my lenses, while nothing less than the glittering surface.
___ 7. Magdalen stairsteps where she swept off to sunlight, plausibly she is the Tree of Life.
___ 8. Widely poem bitch roiling poem pits whining poem tips tumbly poem pocks mostly.
___ 9. Fabric of darkness bright with the past. Folds whip along item survey lines.
___ 10. While I sorted the white socks, I did the dark laundry, remember.

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