ELADTL meetings 2012


1.) Democratic structure

2.) Los Angeles skyline recedes to 1930’s levels

3.) No rights to intellectual property will be observed

4.) Every member will be educated in recognizing cloud patterns

5.) Nocturnal, long distance flights

6.) Wind-up flashlights and traveling typewriters standard issue

7.) No advertisements will be sold

8.) Manifestos will be produced (even if you’re afraid)

9.) Chronological thinking will not be noticed or recognized

10.) Membership of the anachro-syndicalist party will not be required, but is preferred


1.) Democratic, flat structure

2.) High latency, low wattage

3.) Publishing arm will produce one manifesto per year (though you may be afraid)

4.) Los Angeles skyline will recede to1930s levels

5.) Everybody is responsible for answering all phones

6.) Only ELADTL brass band will produce anthems

7.) Propaganda division needs to develop that film already

8.) Poetry

9.) Sound collages and visual-life-collages will multiply (though you’re afraid)

10.) Ray-tracing and other virtual software will help with the movie

11.) Breakfast crew needs to use all the eggs soon, they’re taking too much space in the fridge

12.) Report on the progress of basalt dirigible delayed until 2013

13.) Ideas for graffiti removal?

14.) Gloria Molina’s office keeps calling… I’ve been telling them they have the wrong number even after I say “East Los Angeles Dirigible Transport Lines, may I help you?”

15.) Astral Weeks is still stuck on a loop in #3’s cassette deck. Can we get it out? Riders are complaining.

16.) The tower at Mariachi Plaza was taken down by Metro officials. When can we get it back up? For now, we’re landing it at Self Help Graphics.