1. set up an office as the public reception area for important visitors
2. this reception area for VIPS should have an analog rotary dial telephone, a manual typewriter circa 1955, and pre-1960 books on shelves
3. older furniture, nothing too contemporary, yardsale specials if necessary old stuffed chair etc.
4. obscure thrift store paintings or motel room art or restaurant art like bullfighting posters
5. all official visitors and VIPS should be greeted in this area in order to create the correct (corrective) impression upon their mental ambience
6. artificial dust, made of chalk, should be sprinkled in a thin film on some manuscripts or books that you select to pick up for your visitors
7. an old obsolete calendar from another year should be prominently displayed
8. if the visitor asks about anything anachronistic, their attention should be redirected to the business AT HAND.
9. this produces the proper mood, tonality, and thought dissonance for optimal communication functioning for the most viable wavelength.