The doctor strikes a conciliatory note, trying to discuss the numbers.
She touches the screen, checking the numbers.
She says the numbers are not looking good.
I mention that the last time, she said the numbers were better.
She says if the thyroid is involved, that she would prescribe something for that.
She turns the screen toward me, saying, “I wish I could graph the numbers.”
She discusses the numbers she’s got.
Then, “Oh wait a second, these numbers are from Dr. Somebody. These are old numbers.”
Scratch that. “Let’s do a blood test to check thyroid function, anyway.”
She tilts the screen back. “We’ll check your potassium too. Sometimes one of the drugs can cause potassium loss. If that happens, I’ll give you something for that, too.”

At the Mexican falafel stand, whatever the owner says to the middle-aged woman at the register makes her laugh and laugh.
Even when he moves down the buffet line, she cannot stop laughing to herself.
She tries to hold it in so she can take my order.
At the end of my order, returning my change, she quivers, trying to laugh quietly, but she can’t stop laughing.