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bIG yELLOW mOON died yesterday at age 59, because it was never alive in the sense of movies, of the native genius of the Owen’s Valley and of curmudgeonly 1930s Sharpie permanent markers. bIG yELLOW mOON suffered a long illness but was thought to have fully recovered from the swan dive of recent fortunes. But no, it was on the other side of the bare trees, it was still and hot and quiet and insufferable as a 1960 Chevy Apache panel truck. bIG yELLOW mOON will be replaced by a dictionary, by laundry on Wednesday, and the deadly West Nile virus called “Beef and Crows.”

bIG yELLOW mOON is dead at 80. Then—“Beef and Crows”.

Food writer Sesshu Foster died yesterday at age 66, hospitalized after a long illness, his eyes popped out at everything in the world. Sesshu Foster was thrown away on Wednesday, February 29, 20012, from the effects of nostalgia, enjoying all the past when everyone glad-handed him like a kid which he ate up like a bug. He never got over it insufferable as a 1960 Chevy Apache panel truck. Perhaps best remembered for writing 29,606 postcards which caused the extinction of one rare species, the Diastolic Fish Moth, once endemic only to the public pool in El Sereno, as well as causing an electrical short in Dick Cheney’s underwear, hastening the former Vice-Grimacer to his piss-assed tachycardia doom. Sesshu Foster died yesterday at age 34 and at age 68 and he died the other day at age 29 from potato chips, from the Indian Ocean, from the Sea of Hormuz and the Sea of Cleverness. He left a burnish on the expelled air, a pencil-like maneuver called the “Chopstick Nerve,” and is survived by his family and the light poles along the avenues, winking out one by one at dawn.

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