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Swirling Wheelnuts and Jose López-Feliú discuss the role of Dirigibles in East Los Angeles, the history of La Raza Newspaper, murals and destroyed buildings and the best grilled street chicken in ELA. Along the way, they meet someone looking for a ride to Downey.

Dear Botanika Poder del Mestizo, we fall further and further behind in America without new inventions in Health and New Ideas for Imaginary Well-being: “Sharry Edwards has provided the leading-edge research to show the frequencies of our voice can be used to create a holographic representation of health and wellness.” How can these innovations be broadcast over the radio to broadcast people into BETTER HEALTH?

Just asking.


Thank you for your timely question. Botanica Poder del Mestizo has advocated new technology as a concept for healing since we first introduced the Underground Garden of Earthly Delights which was originated as an actual subterranean garden with a holographic (circa 1986, like all red and blue and green) component. In the early days of the internet, we uploaded short video clips showing how plant energy could be used to lift immense boulders. It is true though that since 2008, we’ve been without a storefront, and as homeless roving curanderos, we’ve been concentrating (paradoxically) on the transformational potential of well articulated plant imagery–namely in the form of murals. Many of these murals have successfully converted color to healing sound with the help of essence ergot. So, to answer your question, yes.

March 2012