Ear rings twinkling like little stars going around everywhere winking eyes and furry eyebrows like damp dog noses
A bunch of flowers delivering silent nods, magazines full of the chill dusty wind down Houston Street New York City
Faceted stones beside the highway sparkling in the long line of headlights all night streaming to and from Vegas
Fears thrown into a field like flash lights and little sounds in a cloud of soft noise like a happy river
Days float overhead like cottonwood leaves across summer skies, the money is sliced and folded
Streets peeled like bolsas negras de plastico, orejas like drugstores and donut shops and muffler repair
Dientes all the way to the bone like passing street lamps, clothes flapping us and wrapping us
In their Old Worlds, probably the flashing darkness smells of women, probably like the glass
Where everything shines