Q: I’m always thinking of things before they happen. For instance, I  had this idea to stuff frogs, like real frogs, stand them up like people, put miniature instruments in their hands and cover them in a  coat of lacquer. Then I was in Mexico and saw someone selling those  same frogs. Am I a genius?


Q: What was the first dirigible you made?

A: …methane extracted from Eastern Hill, site of first city dump of  Los Angeles… hybrid balloon using hot air and lighter than air  gasses… gas bags sewn from salvaged vinyl banner advertisements  along Huntington Blvd… unfortunate accident over El Monte

Q.When I was a pornoconsumer, those people just looked like fake enjoyment. When I was a war-consumer, all those people didn’t appreciate me killing them. When I was a vehiculo-consumer, I was trapped inside machines. When I was a lifestyle consumer, I saw a possum turned inside out in the street.

A. So?

Q. I saw a rain of fire from the sky, I saw buildings crashing on people, I saw avenues and streets split open and gush fire and water, I saw everything in the world very shaky, I saw the tsunami racing toward the city, I saw devastated countries and immaculate empty houses on hill tops, I saw people swept up with all the debris and discarded. How long does it take it take for the dirigible to get here again?