Name ____________________    Address __________________ $75 processing fee _______
Check All That Apply
___Burnt sienna    ___Dirt     ___Hope     ___Jellyfish     ___Monday

___ Chopsticks user   ___ Fly fishing or lures   ___ Peanut butter & jelly

___ Wanderer from Gran Bohemia   ___ hydrogen peroxide     ___ okay now   ___ wiring

___ sun worshipper     ___ etsy account    ___ manual typewriter
___ cumin lamb    ___ physical fit      ___ olive green      ___ 2009, end of Automotive Era
Fax this to 1-800-DIRIGIBL or givet to Sergio at the El Sereno ELADATL ticket counter.
1. How old were you when you had your first (metaphorical) experience with “balloons”?
2. What is your favorite color of like “bal1oons”?
3. What is your favorite movie about “balloons”?
4. What are the technical differentes between a “blimp,” a “zeppelin” and a “derigible”?
5. If you were in an emergency in a “balloon” at sea, which would be more practical—salt, a hand-held gas blower, or a flashlight?
6. What is your “history” of experience with lighter than air flight or travel?


7. Who do you know with some money?


8. Have you ever won the lottery?


9. Are you an uncomplaining sufferer?
10. Do you have a “balloon” tattoo?


11. How long can you hold your breath?
12. Have Wall Street & the banks destroyed your economy so you just want to flee the “earth” or at least the “ground”?