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check out this shirt if you have to use bladed tools to get the job done and get too tired surely they can reattach the fingers

grroovy car eh wearing this automobile engine around your neck makes dapper statement for the day

amazing giurl body and torso with matching accessory promises to lend you arch filagree of Roman attack

hhmmmmmm look these shoes, glamor sparkling grimly over the skies with fetishized history of VIOLENCE

i want you to buy this thing basically my whole ideology converts into the simpl,est integers & digits

wild hairy thoughts of wardrobe of plastic life whereas even if your cancers are feeling cool and unusual

with this cream-colored thing attached to blemishes of various souls you never have to look at real indians

ha ha brushing your teeth on this carbon tetrachloro-hydrate aura equalizes the feeling of loss of civil libterties

walk in and out of private spaces like this acts as a homornal rinse of oxygenated brain cells to make your dreams blush white

not Other, 5th sun will never burn your eyes like a Mexican, except your children can build christian schools there if they like it

good for the purchase of 1 drink esp. in outlying areas it erases any notions of poverty that is the root of violence so fun


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