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INFINITE STRAPLESS GROWING SINCERITIES (2) make the guts whirl around and around the world like little airplanes of ego & desire

UNBROKEN SALEABLE ENGINES OF NERVE coming in flavors of chromium or manganese, you can attach them by suction cups to any surface

AVOCADO PERMEABLE ORTHOGLYPHIC TITLES AND DEEDS service with a (flat) smile, you make like a tomato in tomato sauce

GOLDEN PERSPIRATION REEK OF LIFESTYLE BROW through the magic of objects in a material world, everything visible will be reconstituted, ciliated

FLASH FREEZE-DRIED BURNT MORMON BIRDS emollient properties erected on sleep-wracked Salton Sea where winter sleet drives into crystallized black Salt Lake

1. find yourself at the gas station starved of freedom, could use your children and stuff back?

—Fill out this paperwork with a phillips screwdriver.

2. are you lost a long way down the highway caught in back of your dusty throat?

—Nothing calls to us; immigrants are advised to crash courses in the vocabulary of reply.

3. Would you like to be a moving part on this fantastic modernization machine?

—Purchase fresh electricity from someone whose tenacity has undergone extensive decay.

4. Would you like drippy tattoos of gimpy images on the outside as well?

—Take in a couple fake movies of actors playing the role of your guts, eating popcorn.

5. how you like the yellow taste of Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alaska?

—stand on this side of the magazine, remove your identification with your fingers.

beige Calif. beige dried out tumbleweeds sandy beige matted hair in the desert motel getting it on the carpet washing afterwards from hot springs mud hole beige mud

beige feijoada in one corner of the minimall all tuckered out from lack of convivial wonderfication endless parking lots from here to LAX

beige cops on the beige cop show, that’s a beige thought process manifested in the stucco of palmdale, lancaster

beige fucking las vegas and all of that, how’s that for beige advertizement good eh

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