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Sea lions barking late all the foggy dark night while we were talking, talking till 2 AM, then I said I was hungry so he said jump on the bike and

Or sitting inside a parked

Dry grass smell of dust and yeast we were hidden by the warm night without stars, vague street noise or vehicles below, maybe dogs barking, I could only

Streetlights shining on the asphalt like the moon on the ocean, we lay in tall dry grass on the hillside outside Linda’s house yakking our lives away (Linda was inside asleep), finally I listened

You better believe I got in trouble for talking poetry, life and shit all night long, driving back across town on the Santa

I used to drive all night leaving L.A. after midnight and arriving in Northern California in the early

So many times sitting on stairs or in a parking

He liked the echoey reverb of the parking structure and always wanted to sing, the closer toward morning the more he

For hours in the chilly damp night looking out on the empty park by the public library, hanging on the phone receiver, who knows what I had been

It seemed like everybody was sleeping, only I rolled down the avenues with my headlights

Sometimes on the 5 I pulled off to get a burger or something till it made me violently

We’d end up on a street corner like 3 or 4 AM, me asking her if she’d be

Endless hours talking about anything and everything, moving from one joint at closing time to

Walking back up the hill alone, sad and relieved and more than anything probably zonked and wasted with

May 2012