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education, haha ha, the homeless guy is beaten to death by cops, smashed repeatedly in his face with broken tazer—“I can’t breathe!” his lungs filled with blood

justice, haha ha, i used to live near valley blvd where Steven died instantly when his car hit the pole at 70 MPH, chased they said by a white pick-up truck at 6 AM, the girl who walked away from the vehicle showed me her broken wrist cast saying, “hey, look at this”—

freedom, haha ha, on the roof of the hospital the crazy woman held a kitchen knife to her 6 year old, threatening incoherently and after the cops all shot her dozens of times, like a football pool they told the rookie to shoot too so he felt that he must

peace, ha haha, september 21, 1976, orlando letelier and ronni moffitt were assassinated near the irish embassy in washington dc by a car-bomb planted by a team headed by michael townley, ex-CIA agent given protection in the witness protection program

jobs, yeah, crips and bloods truce after the 1992 riots saved tens of thousands of lives

human rights, yeah, on lonely days working at my desk the 21 year olds’ cries and the slamming of her bed against the wall were a happy noise like someone’s little baby crying in a room full of women

environmental justice, yeah, i dreamed the the bureaucrat who turned down my leave of absence request without reason pissed me off so i went to see him on the upper floors of the beaudry bldg downtown and he looked up from his desk and it was mikhail gorbachov

equality, yeah, while others played tennis i walked several blocks to big bear lake and walked along the shore in the noise of passing traffic to the marshy east end where i frightened four white egrets who flew off over the water

May 2012