How were dirigibles first invented and used in America? Who originated and flew the first ancient dirigibles? Where can we see the remains of the first stone dirigibles? What did ancient basalt dirigibles look like?

Evidence of ancient dirigible transportation has been located north of Bishop, CA preserved in an Area called the Volcanic Tablelands. Locals may be reluctant to direct outsiders to where evidence of ancient dirigibles can be found, certainly the cashiers at Safeway in Bishop may give you the flat cold stare. Drive north on “7 bridges dirt road” through Fish Slough off Highway 6 leading toward the weird emptiness of Nevada. Sometimes if you go off and walk to a high point, you may see a guy with a pickup truck raise dust as he drives by a long way in the distance, and messages may come to you. The White Mountains may indicate something to you in the 94 degree sunshine.

In the sparkling ninety degree sunlight, signs and indicators which may provide direction may stand out so sharply your they glint in your eyeballs. These are volcanic tablelands at the edges of vast emptiness of dust America, out of which was produced these tremendous strange and wild inventions. (Notice in the foreground the ruins of an early era human-powered basalt dirigible beached upon the land like an ancient whale.)

Look for the bear paw, as the ancients often used that as an apparent “warning sign” or “signal” for transportation routes, in particular their dirigible air transport lines. Or perhaps their dirigibles (some of which may have been vegetable in part) were attacked by bears.

Lack of computers and electronics that we modern people take for granted made the ancient ones use the materials at hand, luckily, as the rhyolite and basalt were very durablE. These petroglyphs clearly denote the directions to the Landing Fields, the Dirigible Ruins and the Design Auditoriums which you can still locate across the Volcanic Tableland by Fish Slough, in the light of vast emptiness of dust America.

Design sketches of the ancient basalt dirigibles. Some design concepts were clearly more fruitful and more vegetal than others. Note the acorn-basalt model.

Dirigible concepts were oriented toward the four directions, anticipating exposure and consumption by the vast emptiness of dust America under the White Mountains.

An early “False Prototype,” nomenclature to denote the apparent Design Models scattered about the Area of Volcanic Tableland, which seem to have been non-functional, and merely instructional, perhaps emotively ideological in nature. Adjacent to the White Mountains.

Some early designs clearly indicate technological and vegetable innovations or “resonances” beyond those ever developed in the 20th century, foreshadowing Igor Sikorsky’s gyro actuated anti-torque rotor through the oblique fusion of vegetal matter.

Reviewing the Table of Designs, clearly indicated are innovations in Lift and Emptiness, Human Pulse and Vegetables, Space and Variegation, beyond many of the most advanced inventions in airships of the early 20th century dirigibles. Some fusion concepts of geological basalt structures with vegetal forms anticipate far in advance innovations such as Igor Sikorsky’s 1939 gyro actuated anti-torque rotor.

For example, here is a diagram of the use of an electro-magnetic field to provide airship uplift in initial stages of uplift so necessary to the human-powered basalt airship, which remained undeciphered until Ericka Llanera’s 12 year old daughter happened upon it by chance and recognized that it matched images in her parent’s pilot manual.

Here, you can see quite clearly the crowded field of rising dirigibles along with a vivid depiction of an apparently disastrous loss of electr0-magnetic fusion and resultant crash (at the bottom), which may be the actual depiction of Basalt Dirigible Ruins still visible in Field #4.

Images of ancient basalt dirigibles apparently vanish in the distance as their usage fell out of historical “favor” amidst the vicissitudes of environmental change, deepening aridity of the valley and the White Mountains, and the loss of vegetal fields and specificity.

Striking examples of ruins of basalt dirigibles can be found scattered along the Volcanic Tableland. Here is one at the edge of an ancient air field that in Ice Age times involved agricultural and atmospheric structures.

Standing atop the ruins of ancient basalt dirigibles gives you a perspective down the long geological Ice Age valley of human forms of Light and Emptiness in dust America.

Interior shot of ruins of a basalt dirigible. Not nearly as spacious or roomy as passengers may be used to in modern airships common on the routes of the East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines, nevertheless ancient dirigibles devoted considerable features to spiritual aspects of lighter than air travel.

Portal of the ruined basalt dirigible. Imagine crawling through the portal to assume flight position facing out over the advancing glaciers of the Late Ice Age! Unfortunately, fusion vegetal structures and woven stone technique have been lost to time.

Certainly take time in your entropy circuits of the Emptiness and Margins of dust America to view these long ignored and somewhat unknown fields of evidence of the Lost Basalt Ancient Dirigibles of the Americas.