The L.A. Telephone Book is a collection of new work by contemporary Southern California writers and text-artists compiled and designed by poet and digital artist Brian Kim Stefans.

The volume is free for download from Mediafire (see links below).

The collection was created based on a semi-open call to writers and artists for up to 7 pages of work, set in 6 x 9 in .pdf format, which were then assembled into the present file. All choices were made by the artists and presented as they created it. Several artists contributed notes and statements about their work.

Mediafire download

PDF (33mb)

ZIP (30mb)

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This volume includes work by:

Harold Abramowitz
Amanda Ackerman
Danielle Adair
Will Alexander
Rae Armantrout
Therese Bachand
Julia Bloch
Allison Carter
Andrew Choate
Selby Cole
Brent Cox
Zen Dochterman
Ben Doller
Sandra Doller
Amy Dozier
Johanna Drucker
Kate Durbin
Sesshu Foster
Matt Gangi
K. Lorraine Graham
Anna Guercio
Larkin Higgins
Jen Hofer
Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Andrea Lambert
Janice Lee
Eric Lindley
Tess. Lotta
Barbara Maloutas
Andrew Maxwell
Anna Mayer
William Mohr
Joseph Mosconi
William Poundstone
Christopher Russell
Anthony Seidman
David Shook
Irene Soriano
Brian Kim Stefans
Mathew Timmons
David L. Ulin
Paul Vangelisti
Mark Wallace
Jacqueline Waters
Christine Wertheim
Amanda Yates