dogs kill 82-year-old, speeding through black and gray wastes
soldier walks proud at tomb, mullein skeins unfolding in disarray
suspect runs through neighborhood, confronts disturbing distinctions
Tucson construction worker injected women with ozone in bogus gynecological treatments,
fostering marvelous blank panels, a varied skein of lies
undocumented immigrants block traffic near near Trevor G. Browne High,
engendering rhythmic striations of subduction and declination
the Stryker brigade, 5th Infantry Regiment, gave wives an opportunity to ride in vehicles,
fire small arms, participate in a close quarters engagement drill at the shoot house,
voluminous portents of circumstantial redirection fleshed out in the offing
Sotheby’s is putting up a complete mammoth skeleton for sale,
witness to the tremulous broad gleaming years