implants, IUDs called best choice for girls in the wan forthcoming dusk of worlds
tucked between a Metro Transit cleaning facility and the western bank of the Los Angeles River,
under the massive web of Southern California Edison electrical wires, momentous unobtrusive grief
man accused of killing handyman with an axe handle as he slept, 7 goes 7 infinite times
a fire tore through a mobile home in quiet area town Wednesday night, killing 2, as I paid $5,000 for an engine
cranes moved metal casings that formed footings for the project, part of a metal casing dropped into place
while workers from Malcolm Drilling greased one of the casings, 3,000 injustices glowed radioactive green
2009 pizza shop robbery led to the shooting death of a bystander by a police officer, midst triples and fives
midst storms and nines, midst rooftops and quarters, midst corruscations and divisions, midst calls and sixes
as I neared thirty, as I neared forty, as I neared fifty, as I neared sixty, as I neared eighty, as I neared 100