when i saw the obama – romney debate, i recalled the long walk, the mile i walked every day to the end of cooper road to wait for the bus when I was five. romney blamed obama for 23,000,000 unemployed, and it’s true, he should have done a lot more. but romney himself will never do a thing for the unemployed. when i was five, sometimes we did not have enough food at home, in spite of the chickens and rabbits; sometimes my mother made soup from chicken bones she collected from the neighbor, or dinner from rabbits she killed herself—or from ducks that hunters dropped off because they did not feel like cleaning them. when i was five, the mile alone on the road seemed long, past the creek and pastures with the palomino, past apple orchards and massive eucalyptus rows. one day the at school, at kindergarten, the teacher announced that the president had been assassinated and began to cry.