Native Los Angeles author Sesshu Foster is known for several award-winning books including Atomik Aztex, World Ball Notebook, Angry Days and this one, CITY TERRACE FIELD MANUAL, published in 1996. Written as a series of prose poems, it is one of the best books ever written about East LA. Foster knows his subject and writes with the authority that comes from hard living. He writes mature words substantiated by life experience. There’s a story behind every line. He’s earned every inch, esoteric, fantastic, fast, fierce. Bleeding songs of Eastside Los Angeles like only one from the depths could sing: “I witness Pan-African colors of night, Mexican tricolor streetlights, Vietnamese yellow dawns. Guileless colors for normal eyes, regular babies, City Terrace Elementary, Hammel Street Elementary, dead-end streets, Ramona Gardens illuminated from within by irregular shapes of life & death.”