It’s no wonder at all, not wondrous or beautiful
it’s louder than sleep and dreams
like overpasses arching over a car on fire overnight
so CalTrans uses their community service workers to cut all the
flowers and trees down to concrete

“My chicken shit encircled the fuckin bucket,
My soul never to return any of YOUR calls.”
“These enclosed forms, sprawl in a circular edge,
glistenin on edge, tossed the books on the upside over.”

Who decided to walk onto the freeway like the traffic was hypnotic
I couldn’t stop looking at the cars zoom by louder than bombs
I drifted into the edge, which was loudest

“Eat your bread Peter”

Don’t assume in your hyperactive state that mind isnot
sliding over body in funny ways like
eyeballs rolling eyes sarcastically

I won’t be cutting you any breaks today Crushing Nausea.
my body will continue moving until you have left.

Crumple your hat,
into your bag
Use your key
open the restroom for me

Ten minutes ago,
rubbing alcohol and nitrogen swept into the gutter
step aside from the smell



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