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jayne cortez 1936 – 2012

There It Is

And if we don’t fight
if we don’t resist
if we don’t organize and unify and
get the power to control our own lives
Then we will wear
the exaggerated look of captivity
the stylized look of submission
the bizarre look of suicide
the dehumanized look of fear
and the decomposed look of repression
forever and ever and ever
And there it is




image by james gulliver hancock

image by james gulliver hancock


brilliant 2013 new year of mist and shells

hot and cold running lizards, fishy clouds

all that happiness of blurriness and metals,

cities and countrys, good for you!

from ocotillo, sesshu, yucca, hills, crows, decayed granite, sparkles, flying seeds, poppies, girls, skink, horny toad, oaks


catalina kayak sfoster3 bunker hill1


Stuff They Got

1. M. got 3 dogs, bicycle thingy, 2 bikes, driver’s permit, 4 x 4 Toyota Forerunner, contact lens solution, beers, a ligament from a late teenage girl in her knee.

2. U. got an outstanding Haida or Tlingit silver bracelet, a bunch of clothes, a week of sunshine bracketed by forests of rains and snows, Indian ear rings, friction, beers, spilled coffee or something on her laptop kevboard, ruined it.

3. C. got a fish she named “Lingling” and told her boyfriend to take care of it, a piece of luggage, corn tamales, The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling, a glass candle holder and a candle.

4. D. got a glass bowl with a brilliant red flower in the center, 2 flannel sheets, 120 tamales she made herself, a bracelet that looks like aluminum with letters and numbers from me, red and black silk scarf with a Haida design, walks in the arroyo.

5. I got another cup of coffee, 3 pounds of coffee, valiant purple wool sweater, more requests for recommendation letters from students, walks in the arroyo, a rack of pork that I barbecued, hand-printed commemorative certificates for the attendees to the Ray Foster Memorial Pancake Breakfast, fresh and sunshiny mornings.



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