i like how little jabs of pain press against my eyeballs from the back like they are too full of seeing ordinary sparkling everything

i like how random aches of musculature echo around my body like the sounds of elevators going up and down inside old buildings

i like how my body is feeling weaker in the sunlight like it is being faded or washed out by the overly crystalline brilliance of sunshine

i was thinking on and off for ten or twelve hours that i should put the wet laundry in the dryer but couldn’t get out of bed

i was tired of being embarrassed about failures like my hair plastered with fever but i felt closer to my dad; his sense of being a failure, probably, most of his adult life

i was trying to wake up but mostly i was thinking about this stuff then i was falling asleep

something woke me, it was the sweat running down my chest and belly, when i lifted my arm the rivulets glistened on the skin like the veins in a leaf


eladt sign