Part 6, “nonexistent country,” in Caliban 11

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[…Ray spent over a year in the streets of post-1972 earthquake Managua, till his mom or his brother sent him money to return. 

Ray brought his third wife, Tina, back to Calif.

Ray and Tina were together for several years in Carmel, Fairfield and Vacaville. 

Ray abandoned his car in an orchard, quit his job and threw away his suit. 

Tina gave Ray an ultimatum. 

When I’d give Nacho a ride downtown late in the evening, he’d usually tell me to drop him at a bus stop so he could take the bus. 

I told Nacho it was easy for me to drop him at his place. 

Nacho said that once when he was living on Cannery Row in Monterey, there was a knock at the door and it was Jimmy Cagney, asking to borrow a corkscrew. 

Edward Weston wrote his journal in the 1920s that he met a young Mexican, Ignacio Bravo at a party and he was an excellent dancer.

Nacho’s second wife said she could not imagine Nacho dancing…]