yes i agree with marina’s assessment that changes are underway, and have been for some time, that can’t be fixed in the short run.


ronald reagan become president when marina was born, and he represented the politics (and economic policies) that have ruled for the past 30 years; certainly we and others of our generation have resisted these politics and policies for our whole adult lives to try and give you a better world than the shit they are handing you—endless wars, money for killing via unmanned drones but not for schools or kids or art or trains or bridges, fewer civil rights instead of more, fewer chances of a good life instead of more, closures of libraries state parks schools university programs and possibilities for a better more positive life for millions. instead the u.s. has the most people in prison of any country in the world and a steadily declining quality of life.


but we and our friends protested against all these policies year after year and against all the wars that spent all the money that could have gone to make the world better. we organized organizations, traveled to war zones, marched in the streets, wrote editorials and letters to the editor and poems and graffitti, spoke on campuses and elsewhere, made money and posters and gave money to causes and groups, got arrested and got harassed and got burnt out  and we did all these things personally, for you—otherwise the goddamn situation would be even worse, sorry to say.


the right wing movement worked for 3 decades to achieve these crimes, disasters, assassinations and messes: massive corruption of the financial system, economic devastation and stagnation for your generation, a future messed up, corrupted, ruined for many many millions of people. it won’t get better until your whole generation realizes they have to do something about it. it’s worldwide—there’s nowhere to run and hide (rick went to slovenia, and he said the same thing is happening there; and he’s unemployed with 2 young kids to raise).


if it took decades long for them to make this mess, it’ll take a long time for others to fix, so no rush. but something needs to be done, obviously. that’s life—that’s what being part of history means, that history affects your life, and you become part of the history that you make.

that’s why it matters if you live your life to make a difference, (love),