I REMEMBER THE PEACE MAKERS TOO: Sixto Tarango, photographer for la raza newspaper and 1978 student body president at csula who died working 2 jobs to put his wife thru pharmacy school (i met his son a year or so ago, last time i’d seen him he was 6 or 7, now he’s older than sixto ever got to be, he never really knew his dad), Reine Moffett, activist for women of all red nations on the nez perce reservation, once a supporter of the wounded knee support committee, always active in every community she lived in from seattle to minneapolis, fought breast cancer fiercely over a decade; Don White, utla activist/teacher and committee in solidarity with the people of el salvador leader in solidarity missions and peace work to stop u.s. support for genocide in central america; they were peace makers and friends of mine; also, Allen Ginsberg, poet and peace maker; Sal Castro, teacher, counselor, organizer, community leader; Miguel Marmol, lifelong salvadoran activist and organizer, survivor of imprisonment, firing squads and massacres, decades of persecution, died of old age; Michael Zinzun, former black panther and founder of the coalition against police abuse, lost an eye in a police beating while defending two citizens he felt were being abused by police, “I’d rather lose an eye fighting against injustice than live as a quiet slave.” i’m proud to have read poetry or stood on stages with them. i also remember south african communist party leader Chris Hani, commander of umkhonto we sizwe (the armed wing of the ANC founded by Nelson Mandela), who i saw speak in l.a. in 1990, who was assassinated by conservative party hit men in his driveway in 1993 pushing SA closer to the brink of both civil war and civil truce.