evergreen cemetery


Certain grasshoppers, perfect for making jackknives out of, fetish youth for the assembled aged.


Duotone flensing of cutaneous layers, Malibu curl of pink translucence, reminds of when we once smirked.


Penetrating waves, ensconced population inside the wire towers of their maneuvering, preserving the desiccated brown lumps of mannerisms.


Orbital jujubes, put a violet one under your tongue and one in each discolored cheek, soon you will see out of each nostril.


Palm tree palmistry, responsible for blown out heaps of filthy clothing, outside bungalows of flies.


Moderate modernism, sometimes oriental or feminine vibrantly sexed, displayed in sunsets compacted in loops of orange and black.


Border fixations and calibration, horrible death corners of vile eras, plied with fleeting melancholic oboe.







Flapping magazine doors, sometimes a figure standing in one or a figure standing in two, seashore buzzing even in AZ.


Motley whitened eyes, serenity of fertilized eggs and bleat of forgetting, obviated.


Stock rumors, expunged in successions of reeking calculation, acrid fumes of fallibility, marginalia.


Somebody gone down, motile through pallid striations of vitiated moments, dorsal view.


Fungible nothings, extrapolated crumbs, blowhard cuteness, stopping starting, hair weather.


bus evergreen cemetery