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anchor pass

deep lazy green. water, waters

Bell Island. rotting abandoned resort along a stream at hot springs

fermenting skies. hot or cold showers

timbered. oranges $1.50 each

Filipinos. originally cannery workers, clerking retail with the natives

alders. leafy darkness in bear eyes

Harborview Seafood. pancit, adobo, lumpia, sinagang

Creek St. white dead and living salmon dark in the creek, kids swimming

Ryan. truck 2 weeks in crew parking, keys inside the gas cap

coffee. massive dead cannery weathering across the highway

Ward Cove. $1 iced coffee

bell island

Green Bean coffeeshop. vessels

Tyler. nurse from Georgia, incisor

smoke. brush pile interiority

smoke. road work crew

Behm Canal. north by NW

New York Hotel. nisei property (Ohashi’s, Tatsuda’s IGA)

dude mountain

Deer Mountain. forested slopes

bears. one rapidly ascending the fish ladder towards us

Knot. yellow eyes’ dark centers

pink. Ume’s pleated skirt one afternoon

highway. Citlali laughed out loud every time a roman candle went up

shoulders. hiking 1500 feet upon Dude Mountain

dude mountain2

kayaks. nobody rode bicycles

bikes. loading on the dock

iron. 4 young sailors killed buried side by side 100 years ago

dude mountain 3

red cedars. moss in the trees

nurse logs. Traitor’s Cove so-called by Vancouver who killed natives here (perhaps Tlingit)

waterfall. great when you get a hot shower

halibut head. tannin brown water coming out of all the streams

105 FM. tons of iron machinery fused into a fossilized block of rust

Ketchikan. terrific public radio DJ’d by locals

hoodies. we didn’t get to kayak beneath bald eagles

heaps. collapsed kitchen with brushed steel industrial freezer and mixer on the counter

rotten core. tilted

dude mountain4

low tide. some cabins were relatively intact, coffee makers in each bedroom, some beds still made

mudflats. forty foot fiberglass cabin cruiser sunken at the dock, mossy barnacled wreck

Naha. summer’s mild weather implies winter’s obverse

sun. 3 objects moving against the distant snowfield probably a mountain goat followed by 2 calves

roots. muskeg where your footsteps fill with black water

leeches. 5-inch S-curve in lake water wiggling in a black line toward Dolores

sonar. ripping the heads off big orange prawns, tossing them overboard

dude mountain6

glowing eyes. the depth indicator

crab pots. baited with rotten chum salmon parts, tossed into shallows (50 feet)

buoy. chiming, their giggling

cruise ships. float planes

shrimps. eyes still glowing from the depths

emptying. throwing tiny crabs overboard

hair dude mountain

listening. King Salmon

4. everybody going for coffee first thing

mordant. Citlali painted portraits for Ume’s birthday

totem poles. summer conservation youth crew in reflective vests and hard hats laughing

radio. clearing and rebaiting shrimp pots and tossing them over on a 250-300 foot line

casting anchor pass

hiking. what the cops did to a kid, Ume and Ryan stood up for him

muskeg. species like alder and fireweed that grow on disturbed ground (roadsides, etc.)

Herring Cove. black bear

toilet. major parts of the wooden plank walkway ten to fifteen feet above the rocks had already fallen and been washed away


dude mountsin 7

clean. Dolores lost a salmon, raising her rod too abruptly she lifted the fish out of the water and the hook tore free—”you ripped his mouth out,” Tyler said

another. another’s recovery after coma, wheelchair, walking without a cane

storied. little myths of everyday

minutes. myths of sequence

salmon fish ketchikan

pills. DEET

no see ums. Tsimshian, Haida, Tlingit

tiny fish. shadows and shimmering undulations

ravens. Tongass Strait and Narrows

steep. no see ums

shops. chopping wood provided by the Forest Service, for kindling, for campfires

slate. the owner of Parnassus bookstore told me she wants to sell and get out of the business

waiting. rock quarries around town

shrimping anchor pass

burnt black. as Ume backed the boat out of the dock (out of the way, as requested by a Tacquan Air guide bringing a group of tourists), the float plane taxi’d to the dock and would have clipped the boat with a wingtip if Tyler hadn’t reached up and shoved it off (the pilot asked if he hit anything, and said, “All right!”—-he was happy)

salad. nails

rain. dead cranes and old machinery in the drizzle

bent wood. Claudia cooked exquisite salmon, asparagus with citrus dressing, potatoes in garlic, blackberries and raspberries she brought up from Washington

dude mountain5

the first drops. Mitch told of routing his high school group to see Allen Ginsberg read at Ames, Iowa 1971

photographing. clearcuts

trails. skunk cabbage torn up in swampy mud

mother bear followed by 3 cubs. tide coming in

bloody horse flies. wide inlet underwater at high tide

ume harriet lake

Citlali. wrapped the halibut head in foil for the fire

zodiac. untying the lines, pushing off

inside passage. not the open ocean

steaming flesh. not a movie in your mouth

salmon fishing

6 AM. already light

12 AM. terns on the water

big dipper. Ryan’s boat tied to the buoy at Anchor Pass

patience. Ume took Citlali for a final (21st birthday) drink

heat. inside the halibut stomach: 2 dungeness crabs, one whole, and a fir cone

eating. shrimping, crabbing, fishing, gathering berries (huckleberries, blueberries, no thimbleberries this year)

couldn’t eat more shrimp. cabin at Anchor Pass

shrimpoing anchor pass

blue. It was so fun to read Viktor Shklovsky, Anna Seghers, Roberto Bolano, Bruno Schulz, David Foster Wallace

sleeping. sometimes

aluminum foil. like the surface

moon. fire

disintegrating. moss and scum, everything growing on the surface and below

shapes. pieces on the rocky waterline

pilings. nobody

shrimping anchor pass1

clothing layers. foamy white, the wake fanning out

motor. somebody attending

lines. weights

warm. chilly

breeze. it’s the glory of summer

gone. still there

Ume. driving her black truck to the landfill up the slope behind town, across the trailhead to Deer Mountain

cutting the head off anchor pass

dolphins. seals watching the creek, sleek black head rising to look around

splashing. cutting the water



anchor pass1


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