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we arrived via ship AMHS ferry Columbia past freighters and barges in the foggy early hours to Bellingham WA at 7 AM after 37 hours thru “inside passage” that gastronomical sex term ( bald eagles in trees, Canadian lighthouses painted red and white, pod of several orca slicing the waters with knives of six foot or so dorsal fins northwest toward the bleeding sunset diffusing radiation red over the western islands) for the sheltered waters of thousands of islands of densely forested deep coastline from Alaska to walk around Fairhaven area for coffee and wifi with happy students and professors, Thai lunch in the drizzle, then spotted a taxi and got a ride with Frank (relocated from Chicago, praising nonstop Bellingham’s virtues) to tiny, empty Bellingham airport waiting a couple hours (no crowds to negotiate, no security hassle) for twin engine “turboprop” propeller plane to Seatac, subway at Seatac through tunnels from terminal C & D to terminal N, boarded Boeing 747 to jet to LAX, down long corridors to baggage claim and out on the street, stand on divider for Freeway Flyaway bus $7 per person to Union Station, 20 minutes later we’re rolling down steps and ramp underneath the station where gangs and bunches of L.A. deputy sheriffs stand about every corner of the station as if expecting a military-style shootout, we take the tunnel to the main entrance but the lobby is blocked off for a Blade Runner-type movie shoot, they won’t let us exit, I detour through a side door with some kid asking how to get to the front, “maybe this way,” I say, trying another side door to the former ticketing wing, but a private security guard tells us we can’t go that way so we carry backpacks and luggage by the trailers, an actress or somebody escorted up the steps into the shining interior of immense trailer parked beside other truck trailers, we’re out front 1 AM where I can call Teto and say we’re here,  and he shows up in his stick shift Ford hatchback we cram our bags jamming inside for a ride home.


August 2013